made by mother
planted by father.
Dots mark sun’s touch
wrinkles, time’s course.
Veins traverse terrains of scars, spots, blurs, and cuts.
I thank you for the moments we touched and were touched
by other skin,
by spring breezes and sun rays.
As you wrinkle, weather, speckle,
I’ll don you dignified.
Born together.
Run together.
End together.

Where the wind blows from

by Kim Kwang-seok

Where the wind blows from
is where I’m headed.
Underneath its strand like trees.

Against the rattling train,
I lean back and write you a letter.

On that road I dreamt of
I stand on that road.

Excited and fearful I am
by this nervous happiness
as I think of the people and sky
we’ll meet and feel.

There’ll be hard days
but for the sake of new dreams
where the wind blows from
is where I’m headed.

Where the sun dazzles the eye
is where I’m headed.

I surrender my body to the wind
and go there.

Though it flickers on the rolling wave
I look towards the horizon
where the sunshine smiles
is where I’m headed

Where the leaves beckon
is where I’m headed.
I whistle as I walk
and I think of you.

Though I yearn for your voice
I can’t turn back to look.

Where the wind blows from
is where I’m headed.

Where the wind blows from
is where I’m headed.


I feel myself in limbo.
I wait for a decision to come down and the repercussions to be felt. It feels like waiting for the stage to be recast without knowing what the next scene will be. Life feels uncertain, and I seek that person to connect, to commune with but cant find her.

larger than life

She has taken greater significance than she knows or likely desires. I’ve made her an inextricable part of me. Whether she likes or seeks to connect with me, I need her. She’s become larger than her life and come to fill a part of me, or rather, a lack of me. Though I whitewash her features with my projections, I squint my eyes and try to see her.